Best Beaches Around Miami Close Enough to Drive to

Best Beaches Around Miami Close Enough to Drive to

21st–45th Street Beach

This is a very wise option to consider because it is just slightly north of the chaotic south beach action that you might want to avoid on your travels. The 21st-45th Street Beach is a great destination and you will be well-accommodated by when you utilize Limo Driver Miami services to meet your needs during exciting travels. This is a great destination if you want to avoid the excessive sand and take a relaxing journey on the boardwalk. This is an exceptionally fun spot to jog or enjoy an outdoor activity like people watching while sipping a delicious beach cocktail. This location is near some of the best hotels such as Miami Beach EDITION and the Faena Hotel for your consideration.

Lummus Park Beach

This is an excellent beach to consider for your travels and it’s highly accessible when utilizing Limo Driver Miami services. You will get a picturesque movie experience here with the most vibrant colors and stunning views that will stimulate the senses and keep you coming back for more the next day. This location features a colorful landscape and is one of the best beaches around Miami to visit when on vacation! This isn’t the most ideal spot if you’re looking to relax without any noise or action. However, if you’re looking to party and have an energetic time then it’s the right spot to get the job done today!

South Pointe Park Pier

Access some great picnic spots, a playground, and excellent fishing spots at South Pointe Park where a great family experience is waiting for you today! There is a stunning view of cruise ships and some sunsets that will make you feel alive. It’s an excellent spot to unwind and have a nice outing with friends and loved ones. This is one of the calmer beaches around Miami and allows you to get away from the hustle of the big city. Joe’s takeaway is a feature here where you will witness many stone crabs being harvested for a nice compliment to any meal! This is a great location for a successful beach excursion that is relaxing and fun.

Haulover Beach

Access miles of beautiful waves and golden sands at Haulover Beach where there is a lot of fun waiting for the entire family. This location is highly accessible and you will be transported with style utilizing Limo Driver Miami for your purposes with extraordinary services. There is a pet-friendly dog beach in the area so there is something interesting for anyone that can really spice up your vacation if you’re feeling adventurous. There are many great opportunities to consider here at the Haulover Beach area and it’s highly accessible. You will feel at peace here and it’s only a few miles away for your convenience and 2 Be Driven can get you there with ease!

Surfside Beach

Enjoy the small beach town atmosphere with some incredible views and a social climate where everyone knows each other. It’s great for summer Fridays where you can set up a picnic and meet some friendly new people. Residents will gather here to enjoy the beach and participate in kid-friendly activities that include music, sports, building sandcastles, and much more! This is one of the more classic experiences to consider that will keep your family engaged in fun activities and a delicious picnic. This is a mother great beach to settle and have a delicious oceanside meal at. Throw the frisbee around or simply relax on the sand at Surfside beach today!

Sunny Isles Beach

This is yet another attractive location that sounds and looks very exotic and inviting for everyone interested in a great beach experience. This is a stretch of two miles consisting of public beaches, gift shops, and hotels where you can settle and relax even more when winding down the day. If you’re feeling fancy then this is a great spot to get a more luxurious experience that will keep you engaged and will elevate the senses. It’s a booming condo beach where you will meet new people and walk along the shores during a gorgeous sunset.

Explore the most convenient beaches with a gorgeous view and many activities to consider with Limo Driver Miami Chauffeur services. You will gain access to a luxury experience when being transported to the stunning and vibrant beaches around the Miami area!

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